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March 21, 2013

Funny business this facilitating with groups. On a good day, I love it; on a bad day, I feel weighed down by people’s expectations. It’s easy for people to see the power you have as a facilitator. Not so easy to see is the pain. Sure, in the grand scheme of things, it’s no big deal. It reminds me to be true to what I have learned about facilitating. Learned by doing.

Everyone has different expectations
You can’t please everyone. Being the focal point for all that energy – both positive and negative – can be exhausting.

The pace is too fast or too slow, or just right?
Some people like to go fast, some people like to go slow, some go with the flow. That’s the thing about a group of people. They’re all different with different needs.

Movement trumps sitting
Self explanatory really.

A reaction trumps apathy
A reaction, any reaction, is better than apathy. At least people are engaging. It’s hard not to take negative reactions personally though.

Remember the impact
Great facilitation can have a huge impact on people. It can even have a small impact. It opens their eyes to possibilities, it gives them a new way to connect with people and information. It’s good to remember that.



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