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October 12, 2007

As someone who once spent eight (part-time) years of my life gaining a BA in Media Studies I just can’t help having an interest in all things media. The Melbourne Age has a weekly Green Guide (they once changed the colour and there was such an outrage that they changed it right back again!). It’s so much more than a radio and TV guide – although it does do that very well. It’s full of technology and interesting and witty columnists (such as Marieke Hardy) and of course, Macman – Garry Barker writing about all things Mac, right opposite Charles Wright and his Bleeding Edge (PC) column, which even for this Mac aficionado is worth a look.

This week, Garry wrote about only the third Aussie to be invited to present at Macworld, Les Posen. He’s been invited to Macworld to run a series of workshops on Keynote. This was enough bait for me – I toddled off to Les’s blog – you can see a link to it over there on the left. Les coined a phrase that describes that feeling of trapness when confronted by yet another bloody awful, bullet-pointed powerpoint presentation: powerpointpoisoning. Thanks Les.

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