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July 31, 2013

I really loved this list of Reminders for Every Improviser by Andel Sudik. I was expecting more of the same so it was a nice surprise to read  things like:

“The things that you don’t like about yourself are probably what made you so good in the first place, and they are definitely what make you memorable and interesting.”


“If you love improv, take some time off from it. You’re not going to miss your “one big shot” or a “really important show.” The world won’t stop; people won’t forget you; you won’t lose your “buzz.” 

It seems to me this is true of just about anything – and really relevant for any of us working for ourselves.

All of which got me thinking about improvisers facilitating. I’ve learnt a lot about facilitating from improvisers (and birdwatching and mountain biking and – well,you get the picture). I wonder what improvisers (or anyone) can learn from facilitators?


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