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March 28, 2010

In another life I used to spend my weekends in libraries. I was doing an Arts degree part-time at RMIT in Melbourne. I used to enjoy spending hours immersed in the La Trobe Uni Library not far from where I lived. It was over a number of floors and I knew it well. I would trawl through the shelves and sit on the floor reading journal articles. I liked to handle the books, to flip through the pages and to find gems. I’d write my essays on my MacPlus, surrounded by piles of books (from the RMIT library) and photocopies (from La Trobe Uni library).

Today I’m writing a blog post (on my MacBook Air) about different styles of video production. And I’m doing all my research on-line. I still read books. The increasingly large pile of unread ones in my office is testament to that. And the overflowing bookcases. And I can happily while away many hours researching on the web too. It’s like having all those library resources right here in my lap. I love it!

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