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February 2, 2009

Facilitators like me have traditionally drawn on processes, activities, and often the wisdom and experiences of other facilitators for inspiration when designing workshops. Today I had a completely different experience. I promised I’d develop a slide show for a group as a thought starter for a discussion. I identified the key messages, developed a rough story board and started to search for information and pics I could include. Having little luck with google searches I put up a Twitter request…




… and within three minutes I had this response





So off I went to YouTube and did a search with the key word ‘exponential’. This is what I found within a few seconds.








I watched this 5 minute video made by Karl Fisch, Scott McLeod and Jeff Bronman, and it’s perfect. I have saved myself hours of work in creating an original slideshow when there was one already made that fit the bill. Brilliant.

BTW, I made these copies of Twitter and YouTube using Skitch (hat tip to Brenda Moon for introducing me to Skitch).

Oh, and here’s the video if you’re interested in watching it.

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