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May 15, 2009

Sometimes I love my work – it brings me in contact with people I might never meet. Like today for instance.

It was Open Space Day at the Australian Theatre Forum where I’m co-facilitating with Nick Sweeting from the Improbable Theatre Company in London (stay tuned for a Winkipod podcast with Nick coming soon). Nick was opening space while I was chilling out in the audience. I happened to be sitting next to another Londoner, Tim Joss, Director of the Rayne Foundation. Tim has published an e-book titled New Flow: A better future for artists, citizens and the state. cover_new_flow


Here’s the blurb that goes with book: “Tim is the Director of one of the UK’s leading private Foundations supporting arts and culture. His key message in this new book is that artists’ contribution to our society and economy is not being properly or fully realised. His argument runs from the daily life of the solo artist to a radical recasting of state support. Following the Web 2.0 examples of writers, Charles Leadbeater and Lawrence Lessig, New Flow is published here in its first version. Comment and debate are invited and will inform a final version for publication in 2009.”



I’ve downloaded the book and look forward to reading it.

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