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March 27, 2010

Here’s some of what I’ve been enjoying on the web lately.

I’ve yet to read a bad post on this aid worker’s blog Tales From the Hood. Even if you have no interest in, or knowledge of, aid work, these stories will touch you.

Les Posen is my favourite commentator on all things Mac, especially Keynote, of which he is a guru. In this post, ostensibly about the iPad he touches on inter-generational issues, technology for psychologists (and by inference, others) and ‘how to’ hints. Great stuff.

Redbubble is my favourite photography/art site. Check out the excellent landscape photography by Tristan Clements aka morealtitude.

Dave Snowden is writing on his blog about the origins of the Cynefin Framework. Really interesting and I’m looking forward to Part 2.

Johnnie Moore has been active on his blog lately and has even started doing podcasts again. I enjoyed this one on agility in organisations with Rob Paterson and Neil Perkin (inspired by this post by Neil). Particularly agree with the bit about strategic planning.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up! Sometimes I don’t visit a site for a while (even a few days) and when I return find a wealth of stuff. This is true of Nancy White’s blog. Lots of really interesting posts on the digital world we live in.

And there’s so much more too, but I’d better stop.

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