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January 2, 2010

That feeling of ‘not good enough’ is just SO hard to shake.

There’s a handful of draft blogs, unfinished and unpublished. And don’t even start me on books! Ideas pop into my head and just as quickly I discard them. Where does this self-editing begin, I wonder? I know I’m not alone. And I know that the world needs all our ideas – good and bad, possible and impossible, those that will stick, and those that will dissipate.

I wonder how we can support each other to share our ideas, to be brave enough, bold enough, instead of *not good enough*?

There’s a bit of an action meme on the web right now. (BTW, I didn’t plan this blog post so I’m relying on my memory – apologies to everyone I should link to.) JFDI, inspired by Nike – ‘just f***ing do it’; lots of New Year resolutions about stopping planning and doing stuff; entrepeneurs who are successful are those who act, even without all the information they think they need. Etc. Etc.

Then there’s the not-doing meme. More conversations, thinking before acting, slowing down. Etc. Etc.

The problem (for me) is that I buy in to both of these. Does this mean I’m flakey? Agreeing with one point of view, and in the next breath, agreeing with the opposite? Is that the problem? I’m seeing them as opposites – this OR that – the way we see so many things in life, when I should be seeing them as pieces of the whole. The trick is to KNOW when to act, and to KNOW when to stop. And that’s impossible, that knowing, so it’s easier to do nothing at all – not thinking and not acting.

So it comes back to my earlier question: how can we support each other? To act when it’s time to act (note – not the *right* time, just time) and to slow down when it’s time to slow down. To have conversations? To get going? To muse? And to do something? Preferably, together.

PS: Happy 2010! I’m looking forward to sharing the journey, whatever it is and wherever it takes us, with you.

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