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January 29, 2010

Tonight I had space in my head – and it was such a joy. Usually, when I’m with a group I’m facilitating, so my head is full of all sorts of things: watching what’s going on, keeping track of the time, thinking about the next bit, ensuring my mouth is somewhat connected to my brain – you get the picture.

Tonight, I took part in a Playback Theatre workshop run by Melbourne Playback. We did some body and vocal warm ups, we explored shapes, we listened and connected and were playful with movement, sound and stories. It was great fun. It was energising. But more than that it was a relief.

I realised just how full my head is when I’m facilitating. Tonight I emptied my head of all that ‘stuff’ and I even practiced being completely and totally present to what was happening right now, right in front of me, with my partner. I practiced being ordinary, letting go of control, embracing mistakes and accepting offers. And wow! I mean wow! It was so good I could almost feel the dopermine shots in my brain. I should really make time to do this more often.

And here’s my favourite quote of the night (sorry I don’t know the source):

“We act our way into a new way of thinking, we don’t think our way into a new way of acting.”

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