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October 18, 2009

IMG_0414I’ve written before about the flow of work and the seasons, and how my energy waxes and wanes according to the time of the year. This, and the  different time zones inhabited by my friends and colleagues, makes for some interesting connectedness – or not!

So I am very much looking forward to the next few weeks. A road trip holiday followed by my favourite conference for learning, being challenged, inspiration, lots of laughs and reconnecting with some great mates – the Applied Improvisation Conference in Portland, Oregon.

It’s this combo of  time-out and challenge, new experiences and familiarity, awe-inspiring nature and living simply, day-by-day with no plans, no itineraries, no-where in particular to be for three whole weeks, that best recharges my batteries. Top this off with a dose of improv and you have one happy Viv.

Things might be a bit quiet around here – or maybe not.

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