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December 2, 2007

After 11 and a half years Australians elected a new government last week. There’s a new sense of optimism; a feeling of lightness, of possibility, excitement even – all yet to be realised of course. This time frame nearly matches my own journey as an independent consultant, which makes it a good time to embark on some new ventures. As summer unfolds so do ideas – ideas for connecting and reconnecting, for ideas long ago set aside, for new ways of being and doing.

As Harrison Owen describes it, I’m entering a period of open space: the past is behind me, the future ahead – and I’m occupying a space somewhere inbetween where I’ve not yet let go of the past nor embraced the future – a space I have not occupied for a long time. It provides an opportunity to be present, to be authentic – just to be…

I’m looking forward to wherever the journey takes me. And you’re welcome to come along for the ride.

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