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October 19, 2007

I’ve just been chatting to my friend Geoff Brown – who I’m pretty sure won’t mind me blogging about our conversation, will you Geoff?

*Ah, that’s OK Viv*

Phew – I’d hate my friends to stop talking to me because they might think I could blog our conversation.

Geoff’s recently become the proud father of son number three, so I was surprised to hear him say how important reading blogs had become to him – to stay connected. So then we chatted about the pros and cons of blogs versus discussion lists. I feel much more freedom to express myself on my blog than I do on a discussion list. On a list there’s a sense of responsibility to NOT waste people’s time with trivia etc. On a blog, you visit voluntarilly, when it suits you – if there’s something interesting you stay, if not you bugger off. Bit like Law of Two Feet in Open Space really. Maybe that’s the real reason I enjoy writing and reading blogs – the Law of Two Feet in action in cyberspace.

Oh, and it’s also good to be of service.

*You’re welcome*

*Raises glass*

What I’m talking about of course is the wondferful connections that play out via blogging. Like recently the Anecdote boys finding Sketchcast which I blogged about and which Geoff (bless his heart) not only looked up, but practiced for hours, and used to invite folk to a forum on evaluating sustainability that he’s been working on. Great stuff!

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