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February 15, 2009

In improvisation, time has a different feel – it’s not that important, it seems. Improvisers work together to create without worrying too much if they have enough time. You rarely, if ever, here an improviser say ‘we could have done so much better if we’d had more time’. Accepting offers, doing something, being obvious, going down dead-ends, trying something else – all part of the improviser’s arsenal. And improvisers can create amazing, sometimes, magical things while the rest of us are still thinking about where we’d start!

Meanwhile, in a workshop people are in the process of creating a vision. ‘We need more time to get it right.’ Ahem – what’s wrong with this statement? Let’s ignore the ‘get it right’ bit for a moment and focus on time. How much time? How much time is enough for people to have meaningful conversations? Will they do any better if they have more time? Is asking for more time simply avoiding the inevitable, that is, making a decision?

If anyone ever asks you what’s so difficult about facilitating, see if they can answer the above questions.

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