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August 22, 2009

Random AlphabetI’m not sure where my love of typography came from. Maybe it was when I did Media Studies at university and we visited newspaper publishers, being shown how it used to be done with trays of metal type and typesetters and forms and real leading. It was so intensive – and so beautiful, those metal letters.

No matter. It’s enduring. I love fonts. And the way type can evoke emotion.

If you want to explore typography here’s some of my favourite sites.

I Love Typography is a great place to start – with all sorts of cool info about fonts, old and new.

And, of course, Garr Reynolds of Presentation Zen fame has lots to say about fonts. Like in his latest post.

You can even do a quiz to see what font represents you (hat tip to Garr Reynolds).

And my all time favourite is this video. Font Conference.

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