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September 11, 2008

Here at Beyond the Edge and over there at Winkipod we’re pretty fond of surfing and wave metaphors. 

They’re popular with others too – and since I heard a cool surfing metaphor this afternoon I thought I’d start a collection. It’s also connected to a bit of a downturn in work. Geoff, my Winkipod co-conspirator, is also self-employed. This morning we talked about this quieter time and our relationship to it. Rather than being anxious we see this as an opportunity to explore some new directions, and ideas that have been circulating in our heads for a while. This requires a certain amount of faith that the phone will ring and work will start rolling in again.

Back to this arvo’s radio. Richard Stubbs was talking to an actor about the very same thing. He said “if you knew when the phone was going to ring, this down time would be called a holiday.” 

And: “It’s a bit like surfing, riding waves and then waiting for the next set to arrive”.

I’m on the lookout for that next set.







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