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July 9, 2013

This morning I woke up in Cambridge. That would be Cambridge in the UK, my home-away-from-home for the next three months (with a huge thank you to Johnnie Moore for providing said HAFH). Just in Cambridge itself there’s lots to do. I have a bike to get around, some familiarity from a short visit last year, maps (just in case) and oodles of daylight. I am loving the long hours of daylight. Then there’s London, less than an hour away by train. And there’s all the people I’d like to catch up with. Oh, and espresso martinis – I have the challenge of discovering the best espresso martini in London (for the record, the best in Melbourne can be had at Nobu Bar on Southbank). Of course, I take these challenges seriously and have co-opted Kay Scorah to help with said search. (Who wouldn’t co-opt a conspirator who has a web site called Have More Fun!?)

Pete has already cycled across France and is about to enter Switzerland on his epic cycling tour across Europe. My image of jumping on a cheap flight to catch up with him has been shattered by the reality of last-minute bookings that are not-so-cheap and the lure of train travel (a much more attractive option) that is even more expensive. Sigh. I’ll figure something out.

On the work front, Johnnie and I have just completed a week’s training on action learning. Not your usual training gig. Not your usual training. Lots of thoughts and ideas tumbling about my brain after that. Lots to write about, one day soon.

And who knows what else will come up in conversations, random meetings and while day-dreaming on planes or trains?

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