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September 27, 2009

LilyWay back, when I did my Masters, I took a subject called Ways of Knowing. I think. Maybe I made that up. I DO remember lots of talk about knowing. I DO know it’s been of interest to me ever since.

Scientific, evidence-based knowing is one way of knowing. There are others. I’m most interested in ways of knowing that become a part of me – not just a cognitive, intellectual understanding, but a down-to-your-toes and end-of-your-fingertips type of knowing.

There’s a few things I’ve been exploring that I can still only grasp cognitively. When explained to me, I can nod, and think, ‘yes, I get that’ – but I don’t really. Not to the point where I can recognise it when it leaps out at me, or others.

Here’s one I came to understood eventually: ‘the action is in the interaction’ (this I learnt from Paul Z Jackson and solutions-focus). I sort of understood it – intellectually anyway – until one day it just clicked and I actually FELT a new understanding. It’s no longer just a glib phrase, but a deep understanding that I can live and share with others.

And here’s two I’m still struggling with.

‘Split intentions’ and ‘liminal space‘.

Many have tried different ways of explaining – and I’ll keep exploring, because one day, I hope, these will just  ‘click’ too, and I’ll really *get* them. Why do I bother? Because I think both concepts are interesting and helpful in understanding how and why, we and the world, works. And because I’m curious. And maybe a little bit stubborn. And I’m interested in different ways of knowing.

Post-script: Patti Digh and David Robinson introduced me to both these concepts – so I hold them responsible! And in the absence of being able to sit down with them and have a long conversation, here’s the next best thing. Patti and David are hosting a free teleclass later this week on split intentions. If, like me, you’re interested in this, and can’t make the teleclass live, by registering you’ll be able to listen later. That’s my plan. Go here to register.

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