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July 10, 2013

Inspired by this travel blog (disclosure: we’re related) here’s a few bits and pieces about Cambridge.

I spent my first full day here riding into the centre of town and joined the hordes of tourists around Kings College. It was sunny and quite hot, even had to buy some sunscreen. Check out that blue sky!

The crowds of tourists around Kings College, Cambridge
The crowds of tourists around Kings College, Cambridge

More streetscapes caught my eye; even some flowers and the summer fruits.

But eventually it was nature I craved. Today I walked towards a park, discovered a woodland complete with ducks and swans, even the odd squirrel.

And then to the chalk pits. I guess many people wouldn’t be all that interested in chalk pits, continuously occupied for 2,500 years and the source of stone for many of the Cambridge buildings. There were wildflowers galore, even some birds and not a single tourist in sight.

I completed my 9 km walk (about 3 km more than I expected due to diversions aka ‘getting lost’) at this cafe with a lovely coffee and a Portuguese tart.



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