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August 28, 2012

I’m hosting a game of Werewolf at Hub Melbourne on September 6th. You can book here. It’s limited to 20 people.

It’s for anyone who’s curious and never played Werewolf before (and requires no particular skill, though if you fancy yourself as someone who can tell when others are lying, or that you can read body language, you might be in for a surprise.) If you’re interested in communication, and group dynamics, then you’ll love Werewolf.

Who will win – the werewolves or the citizens? You decide. Will the werewolves kill all the citizens during the dead of night? Or will the citizens discover who is a werewolf pretending to be a citizen and lynch them during the day? Who’s a werewolf, and who’s a citizen? Who knows?

That’s the point of the game.

Yes, it’s a game, and no-one gets hurt. We sit in a circle. It’s all very civilized (on the surface anyway!). There’s up to 20 players (you) and one moderator (me).¬†Werewolf requires no props and no preparation. It’s fun, multi-layered and a perfect platform to explore human behaviour.

There might be some misinformation, some fingerpointing, some innuendo, uncertainty, and not knowing who to trust. You can simply enjoy the game or it can provide some insights into our behaviour, power games, decision-making, teamwork and communication.

Interested? Curious? Intrigued? See you there…

Image by Simon Kneebone courtesy Andrew Rixon.

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