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October 10, 2012

This is one of my favourite debrief questions when I’m facilitating a group. In truth, it’s a go to question when I have nothing else to ask. It’s open, it’s broad and it allows people to answer it any way they like. It creates conversation, it surfaces ambiguity and yet more questions. In short, it’s a ripper of a question.

You’re welcome.

I found myself answering it this morning as I reflected on a workshop I participated in last night (that’s right, I had no role in facilitating it). I noticed I completely let go of any interest in process, leaving it entirely to the facilitator. Okay, there was one moment where I thought, ‘oh, I’d do blah blah blah’ and I caught myself thinking that and let it go. That felt good.

And what became clear to me is that I see the world differently to many other people – especially many other people my age. And my views, so often kept to myself when facilitating, are just bursting to be revealed. And they might even have some merit.

What also is becoming clear is my continuing search for a way to embody facilitation within something else – to “use facilitation for…”  compared with “being a facilitator”. I think there’s something lurking just out of my reach within the realms of social entrepreneurship.

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