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November 20, 2009

Getting wet with good mates in OregonThis post is prompted by the question posed recently: “Has Viv dropped off the planet?”

Well, no… not really. I’ve been on holidays – that’s vacation in America-speak, so that accounts for me being quieter than usual in the blogosphere and elsewhere. I like being unavailable, off-line – although my partner would definitely disagree, saying I’m addicted to email and blogging and facebook and twitter and whatever else is going around.

But I guess there’s a bigger question than the obvious. And isn’t that what we facilitators do? Look for the question behind the question?

So to partly respond, I want to share my favourite Armando Diaz quote from the recent Applied Improv Conference at Portland. He said, “If you have a boring life, you’ll probably be a boring improvisor.”

So, I’m trying not to have a boring life!

And, yes, I have shifted my focus – from groups of people to individuals; from where I might be expected to show up to, well, anywhere else. And I’m looking for the latest iteration in my career. So if the question is “Has Viv dropped off the planet?” the answer might be “Nope, but she’s still looking.”

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