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October 28, 2007

My friend Fiona in Indonesia asked me if I could only attend one conference, what would it be? In fact, I think she actually asked which one was the most useful – I can’t remember that well cos, like my previous post, we were exploring the workings of the world with the aid of a particularly fine bottle of McLaren Vale cabernet sauvignon.

I pondered the Asian Facilitation Conference I attended this year, but as good as it was, it doesn’t quite match the annual Applied Improv Network Conference. This year it’s in Banff and I am really looking forward to it. My friends Andrew Rixon and Christine Carlton are making the trip. It will be good to have a couple of Aussie mates. And I’m also looking forward to catching up with others I’ve met over the years at annual improv conferences.

So why are they so good?

They’re smallish (about 100 or so) which suits this introvert – and like the Annual Open Space on Open Space Conferences (next year it’s in San Francisco) I can hear from, and talk with, people I might never ever meet if I stayed here in Bells Beach. Sure, I can read blogs and books – but nothing beats meeting, and learning from, real people.

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