We play well together

These people I work with bring different experiences, ideas and perspectives while sharing a sense of fun, discovery, curiosity, and experimentation.

Johnnie Moore
Cambridge, UK

Johnnie is founder of Unhurried Conversations and Creative Facilitation. He helps people connect and have the difficult conversations that make a difference.

Lee Ryan
Auckland, New Zealand

Lee is a multi-talented experience designer who understands that the power of innovation is based on your ability to improvise.

Margaret Foulkes
Melbourne, Australia

Margaret draws on her extensive experience in education to create workshops that are full of energy and creativity.

Chad Foulkes
Melbourne, Australia

Chad designs and facilitate projects and group processes that empowers people to engage deeply, learn together, collaborate more effectively and harness the collective genius of groups.

Ferne Millen
Melbourne, Australia

Ferne is multidisciplinary, creative artist whose main focus in her photographs is to act as visual storyteller of her subjects, capturing essence as well as content.

David Matthew Prior
New York, USA

David is an executive coach training people in the mastery of people-centred coaching at Columbia University and across China, the USA, and Europe.