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October 19, 2014

I’ve broken up with TED.

We had a short, but intense relationship. We never met face-to-face. We’d meet on-line. I devoured much of what TED said. I became a TED Associate. I’d receive gifts in the mail – books that I would never have read otherwise, and games. I used to be so delighted when TED’s gifts arrived. TED knew stuff. Lots of stuff. I couldn’t get enough of TED.

I dallied with TED’s offshoot TEDx. It didn’t end well. I felt alone, like an outsider. There were a few moments of “Wow, what a great story!” but in the end it wasn’t enough. Eventually I realised I was just one of many. TED was one, talking to many. I want, and need, more than that.

I still listen to TED occasionally. It’s nice to reminisce. TED seems to be doing just fine without me.


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