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June 11, 2007

I know – it’s a bit out of date – but I’ve been partaking of a spot of yak shaving lately as I explore others’ blogs. A link here takes me there and another link somewhere else and before you know it I’ve wandered well away from my original task. But in the meantime I’ve come across lots of interesting stuff which is what makes yak shaving so much fun. Who knows where it will lead?

I’m a sucker for lists (who isn’t?) and so had to take a blog journey based on Johnnie Moore’s blogs that make me think. That’s where I found Dave Pollard’s blog. I think I’ll be a regular visitor.

Over dinner the other night my good friends Peter Codd and Vera Lubczenko were questioning me about my blog, and blogging in general. I explained that I have half a dozen blogs that I regularly visit and from there find other links of interest. And we also talked about the great TED web site. Vera reckons that Carl Honore’s vid on slowing down in a world built for speed is worth a look by anyone who is over-worked (and she would know!) 🙂

I’d post the vid in here if I could work out how! You’ll have to be content with the link for now.

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